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Update Log#8

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 - New Custom Yeti Boss has been added which will be dropping the best range armour (Animal Body, Legs, Helm)

- Added some Vladmirs (Lboss) npc’s in the ::uzone - Added M16 Mh/Oh in boss point shop at 5K points each and removed Blue Deardful kiteshield

- New Animal set has been added with 3.5k Range Str each pieace

- Added some more rare drops to be announced when you get them as a drop

- All bosses has been added to Suomi as a Slayer Task

- Added Scroll of eff, Row, Row [1], Row [2] in the Slayer Point Shop

- Fixed Baphomets drops

- James, darklord, and ownercape now works as an AVA

- Spawned more Arctic Guardians in the zone

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